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Domestic Adoption

A Domestic Home Study is for adoptive parents wanting to complete an adoption of a child or children through a private or public agency, attorney or a privately matched birth mother.

A home visit and interviews are always part of the adoption home study process to ensure that your home is safe and appropriate.  The home visit allows Cindy to get to know you and your family. After the process has been completed, Cindy will create a report that will include an assessment of your ability to parent and nurture a child brought into your family and home through adoption.

Cindy provides an independent practitioner or agency licensed study for families wanting to complete a domestic adoption.  Occasionally, agency licensed studies require an additional fee.


Step-Parent Adoption

The home study process for a stepparent, relative or second parent adoption is similar to a domestic adoption but in this type of home study, the child is usually identified and likely already in the home. The adopting parent could be a stepparent, grandparent, or other relative to the adoptive child or the partner of the natural parent.  Cindy Chilcote, LCSW prepares your home study report so the Judge in your case can get a feel for your family.  The home study report is intended to help the Judge in your case make a decision that is in the best interest of the child/children.  Cindy Chilcote works with several attorneys that specialize in step-parent adoptions.  Cindy is happy to give you referrals to attorneys that are considered to be experts in this arena. 


Updated Home Study

A Home Study Update is a required addition to the home study in the event of any major life changes or every 12 months until your final adoption hearing. Cindy Chilcote, LCSW is happy to help you complete your Updated Adoption Home Study. 

A home study update is necessary for the reasons listed below:

  • Residency Change

  • Addition to your family

  • Major life development

  • New employment

  • Home study is more than 12 months old

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